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I am the Founder of I Enjoy creating Free WordPress themes and writing about WordPress. I am 42 years young, and WordPress has been a part of my life for nearly a decade now. Before WordPress, I was a PHP Developer and a Security Expert.

Four Overlooked Benefits of Telemarketing

Sometimes the power of telemarketing is underestimated, just stopping to think that a phone call, made correctly, in the right place and with the ideal person, is capable of marking the beginning of the largest and most productive negotiation ever. We leave you four advantages of telemarketing that people overlook. 1. Construction and creation of […]

Lana Cordaro’s Relationship Blog – Website Review

Lana Cordaro writes about relationships, relationship advice and dating tips on her Blog at I’ve been to her blog and I’ve noticed that she doesn’t only provide you with the fun advice, but some important things everyone needs to know in a relationship to protect themselves emotionally and physically. This is something many bloggers won’t […] – Dermatology Clinic

While many doctors and healthcare professionals are going online, is one of the best ones to do so. The team of 2 former Military doctors started this venture and have been making clients happy through Gurgaon. Various services they provide include Dermatology Treatments Anti Ageing Treatments Cosmetology Treatments Hair Removals Tattoo Removal and much more.

Dignitas Digital – Marketing Agency in Philadelphia is a Leading Marketing Agency which resides in Philadelphia. They have served over 100 Clients and worked on 350+ Projects. Their quality of work exceeds their reputation. With an excellent client retention rate of 97%, their business is constantly growing. So if you are looking for a Digital Marketing agency, Dignitas is the way […]